the $50 netbook

John G. Heim jheim at
Thu Oct 8 21:40:22 UTC 2009

I have a laptop with 56 Mb of ram running debian squeeze and a speakup 
enabled kernel. Runs like a charm. I've even run apache, samba, and mysql on 
it and still had no problems with response time. It's a beautiful thing.  So 
I'll bet you could run linux in character mode on this sipit thing and it'd 
be plenty fast.

Does anybody know what they mean when they say this zipit has a keyboard 
with a "Full backlit QWERTY design"?

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> It runs linux kernel 2.6.29 so one might be able to compile speakup
> modules to run with that kernel.  I think it is an lx2 processor, no idea
> about the speed.
> Ram is on the low side at 32M and I do not know if the keyboard would be
> atall accessible.
> They say 4 hours battery life.
> Still quite interesting.
> regards, Willem
> On Thu, 8 Oct 2009, Josh wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Check this out. Wonder if any accessible Linux like Ubuntu will run on 
>> it?
>> 17) I have no idea if the accessible Linux distributions will run on 
>> this, but here is a way to get a Linux Netbook for around $50:
>> Josh
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