Anyone using a Brailliant with Linux?

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Hello List:

     Thank you for the information.


Robert Jaquiss

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> Robert Jaquiss <rjaquiss at> wrote:
>>     I am in the process of picking an 80 ccell braille display and torn
>>between the Handytech and the Brailliant. I will be using the display
>>with both Windows and Linux. Any comments regarding these displays or
>>other possible options would be appreciated. Thank you.
> I have a Brailliant 40 display that works perfectly with Linux. It was my
> choice after reviewing the specifications of every braille display that I
> could find out about when making the decision in 2005.
> Handytech displays are also well supported under Linux.
> You would probably get more comments if you asked on the BRLTTY list, as 
> this
> is where you'll find Linux users with braille displays.
> Braille displays are wonderful, and everyone who would benefit from this
> technology should have a right to own one, regardless of economic means.
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