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First thing to find out is if you even have a slot available to install a 
serial card.  If no, then look around for a usb to male 9 pin serial 
adapter and buy it.  If you can also buy a serial modem hook that up to 
your adapter and check your hardware inventory after the external serial 
modem is installed.  Then with a telecommunications program send the 
command AT <cr> out over the new serial port.  If OK comes up on your 
screen, you've just verified both your adapter and modem work.  You might 
also look at http://www.rcsystems.com/ and see what you can find there.On 
Sat, 14 Feb 2009, Negoslav Sabev wrote:

> Hello,
> Now I have enough money to buy a hardware synthesizer. As you know they are 
> not so cheep. The last year some kind person pointed me to www.axsol.com to 
> check for such an animal. The synth
> that works under Linux, DOS and Windows is DekTalk USB, but it needs RS232 
> serial port in order to work with DOS and Linux. Does someone here uses this 
> synth with linux and speakup? And is it possible this to be accomplished 
> without the serial port. As you know the new desktops, laptops and netbooks 
> don't have such port installed. If no one has answer, please point me to the 
> right place to ask such questions. Unfortunately the person I wrote to from 
> the axsol.com don't know the answers.Also if you know about alternative 
> synthesizers or ways to use speakup from boot to shutdown I'd be glad to hear 
> from you
> Negoslav
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