systematic backups in Linux?

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Fri Oct 23 13:36:21 UTC 2009

If you decide to go the rsync route, here is a small shell script I use at
work that will do incremental backups. It will write to a log file,
recursively do an incremental backup from the specified folder down,
excluding what you specify in a separate "exclude.txt" file.

echo ---------- New ---------- >> log.txt
date >> log.txt
rsync -ravP --exclude-from 'exclude.txt' /dir/to/backup /dir/to/put/backups
>> log.txt

On Fri, Oct 23, 2009 at 1:51 AM, Jude DaShiell <jdashiel at>wrote:

> I'll need to be doing local backups and have an external hard drive I can
> use for that purpose.  I'm using slackware and will check for rdiff-backup
> but if that's not found, can anyone share some good rsync commands or
> scripts to do proper backup and restore using rsync will need full and
> incremental backup information too.  I understand /dev /proc /pts and
> another directory tree need to have empty directories created in rsync
> backups so the system will be able to run after the backup I got this
> information from the backup tutorial in dar-docs package on debian.  I would
> use dar if all I had was zip disks but this external drive is larger than
> that. On Thu, 1 May 2008, John covici wrote:
>  I have been using rdiff-backup lately and its working pretty good for
>> me -- does not use ftp but rsync and ssh.  It is available in at least
>> Debian, and gentoo.
>> on Thursday 05/01/2008 Karen Lewellen(klewellen at wrote
>> > Hi folks,
>> > Wondering about this in theory?
>> > I would guess I would require a dsl connection, something I presently
>> > do not have, but wanted to ask this anyway.
>> > I have a major quantity of files in my shellworld workspace.  Last
>> weekend,
>> > I noticed that almost every file with a certain extension, .mp3, had
>> > disappeared.  Given I am both a singer and a radio producer with many
>> > files of critical importance in this format I was not happy.  to his
>> > credit, the files were restored, and what was missing is likely in
>> themail
>> > folders I keep to insure I am covered.  to his detriment, no explanation
>> > was offered as to how this happened.
>> > So, I realize the time is coming for me to set up an alternative backup
>> > of my own.
>> > Having this Linux box built has been slower than planned, I do not even
>> > have access to a cd burner yet.  However I am wondering if there is a
>> > Linux utility that will let me make scheduled backups from my shellworld
>> > space to  my Linux machine via ftp?  If so, in which distribution?
>> > Thanks, and if my question is not clear enough let me know.
>> > Karen
>> >
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