Linux kernel-level drivers for DECTALK-PC card (fwd)

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Thu Oct 29 01:02:33 UTC 2009

I promised Jason I would share the below with this list, in case there is 
someone with the desire to  work on such a driver for the dec-talk.
I know I would use it smiles.

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Subject: Linux kernel-level drivers for DECTALK-PC card

What is the current status of the Linux driver for the DECTALK-PC card? Is it
still maintained? Does it function reliably?

I have recently acquired one of the original (full-sized) DECTALK-PC cards
which was rescued on the way to waste recycling. I plan to give it to a yet to
be chosen, worthy recipient.

If the Linux driver requires further development, and there is someone willing
to do the work, and contributing the hardware would help, I would be pleased
to make the card available for purposes of driver maintenance. Otherwise, I
will simply give it to someone who would find it useful, and who agrees to
take care of it and forward it on, in like manner, if it is still working when
they no longer want it.

Note that the card requires a full-length ISA slot; most computers
manufactured during the last decade provide only PCI slots, although there are
apparently some boards still available that offer ISA slots.

I don't have an old machine anymore with which to test this card, so I can't
guarantee that it is in operational condition. Neither is there any reason to
suspect any hardware faults, however.

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