podcast getting programs?

Chris Brannon cmbrannon79 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 29 01:52:20 UTC 2009

Karen Lewellen wrote:
> I know here is a more correct name for these, but I cannot think of it 

Hi Karen,
They're called podcatchers, or equivalently, podcast aggregators.

> In fact I even remember the name of an accessible one, pod racer?
> I am wondering if that or any other such program can be incorporated into 
> a service like shellworld?

I've heard of podracer, but I haven't used it.
The homepage is here: http://podracer.sourceforge.net/.
It is a bash shell script.  It will probably work fine with your shell
account, if all of the tools that it uses are available.
There are a few other command-line podcast clients out there.  I use
something called hpodder.  I won't recommend it to you, because it is
non-trivial to install manually.  That's probably how you'd have to install
it on a service like shellworld.

> If not, is there a port that might run in dos?

I have no idea.  Perhaps you could cajole podracer into running under
djgpp?  That is pure speculation on my part.

-- Chris

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