Any mailing list related to blind people and VOIP?

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Tue Apr 13 23:51:29 UTC 2010

Skype works to do that for me, it's the cell running Mobile Speak that 
sucks. My real problem is the cell has such a good distance mic that the 
ones using voice recognition can pick up handling noise, the computer fan, 
etc, so I'd have to get rid of just about every noise here to make it work 
right, which I can't. I actually had to pay $5 extra once to have AT&T have 
a rep help me pay my bill once when online access was goofed up, porting the 
number, switching to dry DSL, etc was to blame there.

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> Well,  I use this,  could say a bit about it, but wouldn't want to be on 
> yet another list to talk about it ad nausium.
> Sipgate, a German provider is best for Brit users so far and the 
> stand-alone phones they offer do a good job without tying up the computer. 
> The only downside is they're little good at working through automatic 
> menu systems like most businesses have, though Skype was even worse at it.
> Good and cheap on calls, and that's about it.
> that's about my penneth,  so wouldn't bother with a list after this point.
> RobH.
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>> Hi all,
>> Since there are so many mailing list out there someone on this list may 
>> know.
>> Is there some list related to VOIP, Voice Over IP and blind and visually 
>> impaired people?
>> It could be fun to discuss different providers, giving advice and also 
>> talk about different PBX software, like Asterisk that I am running myself 
>> when I have something installed, smile.
>> What do you all think?
>> Christian
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