Hosting audio tutorials

Tony Baechler tony at
Fri Apr 9 08:38:11 UTC 2010

Hi all,

I would be happy to host such recordings.  They need not be about any 
particular Linux distro, but they should relate to the blind using 
Linux, such as with Speakup or Orca.  I can also host podcasts if anyone 
is interested in those.  There is no reason why one should use sendspace 
or similar.  In my opinion, I have a problem with sendspace because of 
the advertising, the confusing links, the popups, and I don't know if 
it's accessible in Lynx or other text browsers.  If you would like your 
recordings hosted, please contact me privately to set up an ftp 
account.  If you plan to regularly release new files, a podcast might be 
best, I can help with that also.  Provided that it somehow has to do 
with Linux and the blind and doesn't contain commercial advertising, I'm 
willing to host it.  Oh, one other thing.  The links won't expire as 
with sendspace and such other services.  Note that this is mostly for 
audio recordings and not web sites, but small sites might be welcome as 
well, depending on the content.  Feel free to post this to other Linux 
lists for the blind.  This is not a general offer to host any audio, 
it's intended for blind Linux users.

On 4/4/2010 2:15 PM, Michael Whapples wrote:
> I decided before finding a permanent home for these, I would let 
> people have a listen to the initial recordings (I may try and get a 
> bit more editing done on these) and see which people feel are of 
> value. If you feel a written copy of these would be better please say so.
> The links for now are:
> The GRML based install
> Using the speakup modified archlinux installer CD 
> Thanks for any feedback.

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