Looking for a CD Burner in Debian

RiverWind riverwind at shellworld.net
Thu Dec 2 19:20:29 UTC 2010


I have a linux box, and I am running the Debian system with the
Orca screen reader software. I have a collection of audio books
that are broken up into small chunks. Consequently, I have to keep
closing and opening files in order to read them. Is there any way
that I can combine all of the small pieces of the book into one
large file? Barring that, does the Debian system come with a CD
burner? If not, where can I find one? As you might have gathered,
I am a bit of a novice, and my ability at present with regard to
fully utilizing the Debian system is shaky at best.

File mannagement, especially when it comes to media files, is an
area where I am facing quite a learning curve. How difficult is it
to burn CDs in Debian?

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