Looking for a CD Burner in Debian

RiverWind riverwind at shellworld.net
Fri Dec 3 21:50:33 UTC 2010

It would appear that I do not have the "sox" utility installed on my 
system. Would you be so kind as to give me the line that would get and 
install sox for me? Thanks so much in advance.

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RiverWind <riverwind at shellworld.net> writes:

>  Is there any way that I can combine all of the small pieces of the
> book into one large file?

Well met!
The sox utility can concatenate audio files.  For instance:
sox part1.wav part2.wav part3.wav full.wav
The last filename on the command line is the output file, and the first
three are input files.
You may want to specify a filetype for the output file:
sox part1.wav part2.wav part3.wav -t mp3 full.mp3

-- Chris
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