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Hi All,

**Call for talks for the accessibility DevRoom at fosdem 2011**

— –  6 February 2011, 09:00 to 17:00, Brussels, Belgium — 

We will be holding an Accessibility DevRoom at fosdem 2011 [0] and are requesting abstracts  for structured presentations now.

Important information, dates:

	• Submission deadline for abstracts: 2010-12-31

	• Notification of accepted speakers: 2011-01-10

	• Final schedule: 2011-01-12

	• Get together: 2011-02-05

**About this DevRoom**

Designing software so that it is accessible to and usable by people with disabilities has been a significant theme in software user interface development over the last few decades.  Recent national and supra-national regulations, laws, and treaties - such as the UN Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities - have only emphasized this work.  There have been numerous significant accessibility achievements in Free/Libre and Open Source Software.  These include work in accessibility frameworks and user interface toolkits, in accessible applications, in developer and authoring tools, and in the development and use of assistive technologies by people with disabilities.

The focus of this DevRoom is to both demonstrate the breadth and scope of accessibility technologies in open source software, and to provide developers with the opportunity to collaborate - across desktops and applications and assistive technologies.

We invite you to submit talks on these topics:

	• Inclusive design: state of the art
	• Specific problems in mobile devices
	• Document accessibility
	• Assistive Technologies & building blocks for same

	• Accessibility in user interface toolkits (Qt, JavaScript UI libraries, …)

	• Accessibility support in developer tools

** Your submission must include:**

	* Your name

	* The title of your talk

	* A short abstract of one to two paragraphs (150 words, max.)

	* A short biography

	* Links to related websites/blogs etc.

* * * Send the abstracts (and ultimately presentations) to:  accessibility-devroom at * * *

(For now, it's a moderated list and at this point, mostly a bucket for submissions. if there is sufficient interest, all that will change, or we can add more lists, if that's needed. )

Presentations are to be formal and not longer than 45 minutes, plus 15 extra for questions. Panels with more than one speaker are possible, as are shorter presentations of 20 minutes, though the preference is for the longer format. Indeed, it's entirely possible that there will be some creative compromises….

The deadline for submissions is 31 December 2010. The proposals will be considered by a committee of peers. If your proposal has been accepted, you will be informed by email by 10 January 2011.

Please be so kind as to forward this call for abstracts and papers to any and all relevant lists, sites, people. We hope to see you at fosdem 2011!

Louis Suarez-Potts

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