Vanishing NewsGroups in Pine-and-dot news rc?

Hart Larry chime at
Tue Dec 14 05:39:02 UTC 2010

Hi All:  While you may wonder if I've asked this in comp.mail.pine? 
Sure-and-had no replies.
Here's exactly what happens:
I first go in trn and get rid of all articles or binaries I don't need. I go in 
pine to either reply or post in newsGroups, or decode binaries.  Because for 
more than 7years binaries are yenc encoded, I must pipe raw messages to 
uudeview -
Well, what happens alot now is I change newsgroups and it says, "no state for 
alt.binaries.mp3.whatever, reading as new"  At that point all other newsgroups 
are nuked from my .newsrc file.
Can some1 please tell me what's going on here-and-if there's a way to fix this 
odd behavior?  Resubscribing to groups only works for a short time.  Thanks so 
much in advance

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