Problem with Media Files in Linux's Windows Portion

RiverWind riverwind at
Tue Dec 28 20:23:17 UTC 2010


When ever I typed in a few letters of a file name from within the
working directory and then hit tab, I got a beep and nothing more.
Moreover, using first one and then two quotation marks accomplished
nothing. Ok, so the object of this "tab completion" procedure, is
to get a list of files, ostensibly to play through mpg123. Even if
I can get the procedure to work, how is it possible for the player
to be brought into the operation as well? This is what the Windows
environment does; it provides a list of files through which one can
serf and make random selections. Is this even possible from the
command line, I.E. generate a list from which files can be selected
and then played?

More to the point however, what is the likelihood of my ultimately
being able to fix the original problem? After all, I can think of
no reason why merely installing something so innocuous as sox would
even cause such a problem in the first place. When once I can get
a handle on how the problem occurred, I might become better able to
affect a solution.

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