File Mannagement and Selective Playing with mpg123

RiverWind riverwind at
Wed Dec 29 15:40:16 UTC 2010


File management is becoming a bit of an interesting issue for me.
I am looking for a utility that will allow me to go into a
directory, cursor through files and make random and/or other types
of selections by marking the chosen files prior to copying,
deleting or moving them. One can copy or move files using pilot,
but I know of no way whereby files can be marked and hence selected
out from their fellows.

One can do this in wordperfect, and I understand that the Debian
system has quite a functional dos emulator. Such being the case,
might it be possible for one to upload, install and then run wp51
online just as they would regularly use it? Might any of you good
folk know of any other utilities that would accomplish this
selection task for me as well?

When it comes to playing files using mpg123, I have learned to
create and have the utility play it beautifully. However, is it
possible to create a play list and then make individual selections
from that list and have mpg123 play specifically selected files
from a long list? After reading the manual twice, I haven't found
such a function, but I may have missed something. I will stop for
now, and I sincerely appreciate your kind indulgence.

Bright Blessings,

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