File Mannagement and Selective Playing with mpg123

Tim Chase blinux.list at
Wed Dec 29 16:16:48 UTC 2010

On 12/29/2010 09:40 AM, RiverWind wrote:
> File management is becoming a bit of an interesting issue for me.
> I am looking for a utility that will allow me to go into a
> directory, cursor through files and make random and/or other types
> of selections by marking the chosen files prior to copying,
> deleting or moving them.

The first thing that comes to mind is using Lynx (the cat) in 
DIRED mode.  Just point it at a directory such as:

   bash$ lynx /home/riverwind

You can use "t" to tag/untag various files and then use "r"emove 
or "m"ove (or rename if only one is tagged) them to another 

Additionally, "mc" (Midnight Commander) is a super-powered 
console-based file-manager.

As a 3rd option, I occasionally use the "find" command to do 
things like this:

   find ~/mp3 \( -iname '*satriani*.mp3' -o -iname "*morse*.mp3" 
\) -exec mv {} /media/usb0/MUSIC \;

There's a LOT of power in the "find" command.

Yet one more option I sometimes use, I'll edit a file-list on the 
fly via pipes and then pipe that to a file or a shell:

   find ~/mp3  -iname '*.mp3' | grep -i "satriani" | sed "s at .*@cp 
'&' /media/usb0/MUSIC@' | sh

A variant of this last method can take your file list, let you 
open it in your editor of choice (vim for me) and then 
post-process it:

   # create the file with all your music
   find ~/mp3 -iname '*.mp3' > mp3.txt
   # edit, deleting the ones you don't want to play
   vi mp3.txt
   # create the copy commands you need to copy them
   # and then pipe the resulting commands through a shell
   sed "s at .*@cp '&' /media/usb0/MUSIC@" | sh

> When it comes to playing files using mpg123, I have learned to
> create and have the utility play it beautifully. However, is it
> possible to create a play list and then make individual selections
> from that list and have mpg123 play specifically selected files
> from a long list?

My first thought is just copy your file to a 2nd file, use your 
favorite text-editor to edit that new file (removing what you 
don't want), and then point mpg123 at that new file instead of 
the humongous original.

Hope this helps,


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