analyze a .wav or .mp3 file

Tim Chase blinux.list at
Mon Jan 11 23:12:51 UTC 2010

Chris Brannon wrote:
> As of version 14.3.0, it is sox whatever.wav -n stat, instead of -e stat.
> The volume adjustment number always seemed helpful when looking for a blank
> file.  It is much greater than 1.00 if the file contains silence.
> The other statistics are probably useful as well, but I don't know very
> much about digital audio.

I was about to fire off a similar email, but Chris beat me to the 
punch.  If you just want the volume adjustment, you can add "-v" 
at the end of the command:

   sox my_file.wav -n stat -v

and all it reports is the volume number with no extra 
information.  Can be useful for scripting purposes too.


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