Linux GUI FAQ/tutorial?

Octavian Râsnita orasnita at
Wed Jan 20 06:31:46 UTC 2010

Can Vinux be installed as a host OS by a blind user that doesn't have a 
braille display?

I have tried it as a VMWare image but I succeeded to make it freeze and I 
don't know why this happened.

I also didn't know how to make it access the internet, but maybe this was 
complicated by the fact that I was using it as a VMWare image.

Here is what I would like to be able to do with it for the beginning:
- start a command line which is accessible;
- install MySQL, Apache2, Perl, and use cpan for compiling and installing 
some perl modules;
- use an accessible editor, an accessible browser and an accessible email 
- It would be also nice if there would be an accessible file manager with a 

Can you give a few steps about how I can use an accessible  command prompt, 
editor and browser under Vinux?

Thank you.


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>I recommend vinux-gui as either a stand-alone system used to bypass the 
>hard drive for whenever anyone is doing online credit card transactions or 
>online banking since when the computer turns off all the sensitive data 
>goes away guarranteed.  Also vinux-gui should install easily provided a 
>would-be installer remembers  to run the ubiquity utility to do so.  Since 
>orca will already be working when the user gets vinux-gui running, it will 
>be installed so that a user's orca settings are preserved and also 
>installed to the hard drive.  Hitting alt-f2 and keying in ubiquity as root 
>user and hitting enter should start the show.
>  Very few questions in that program too.On Tue, 19 Jan 2010, Octavian 
> R?snita wrote:
>> Aha, so using the Linux GUI when installed directly as a host OS is more 
>> stable. That's good.
>> Is it accessible to install Linux with a GUI as a host OS by a blind?
>> Thanks.
>> --
>> Octavian
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>>>  That's probably a side effect of running vmware.  Both operating 
>>> systems
>>>  grab the sound card and try to do their own things with it and have to 
>>> be
>>>  straighteneded out.On Sat, 16 Jan 2010, Octavian Rasnita wrote:
>>> >  Hi,
>>> >
>>> >  I use Linux everyday, but only in command line mode, with Secure CRT 
>>> > SSH client from Windows because I find the Linux gui very hard 
>>> > accessible.
>>> >  In the last period I hear that more and more blind users use Linux 
>>> > with a GUI and I am sure I am missing something, because now Linux 
>>> > might be also better accessible.
>>> >  Can you please tell me if this is true?
>>> >
>>> >  Can you tell me if (and which) Linux distributions are stable enough 
>>> > to compare them with Windows?
>>> >
>>> >  I ask about stability because I have tried a Vinux distro in a VMWare 
>>> > virtual machine, but after a few days I couldn't hear anything anymore 
>>> > because I might have done something bad (although I don't know to use 
>>> > the Linux GUI very good, so I haven't done very complicated things.
>>> >  ...and I wouldn't like to need reinstalling the VMWare image too 
>>> > often.
>>> >
>>> >  If you used an editor like TextPad or UltraEdit or Edit Plus under 
>>> > Windows... can you tell me if there is a similar editor available 
>>> > under Linux which is so simple to use? (So no strange old things like 
>>> > vi or Emacs).
>>> >
>>> >  I need to run my programs under Linux in production, and if the 
>>> > interface would be really as accessible as the one under Windows, it 
>>> > would be much more easy.
>>> >
>>> >  I don't need very many programs, but just a very good and simple to 
>>> > use editor, mail client, command prompt, file manager, and a browser 
>>> > that can also display the HTTP headers. Nothing more.
>>> >  Is there an equivalent or even easier to use for TextPad, Outlook 
>>> > Express, MS DOS prompt, Windows Explorer and Internet Explorer?
>>> >
>>> >  If there is, please tell me if I can find somewhere information about 
>>> > how to use them with a screen reader and a software synthesizer under 
>>> > Linux.
>>> >
>>> >  The first things I would like to do is to set up the internet 
>>> > connection (if it is not configured automaticly when installing the 
>>> > VMWare image), start the command prompt, run cpan and install perl 
>>> > modules and also install some system libs with yum/apt-get.
>>> >
>>> >  Thank you very much for your help.
>>> >
>>> >  Octavian
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