Linux GUI FAQ/tutorial?

Tim Chase blinux.list at
Thu Jan 21 12:12:13 UTC 2010

> I generally use screen which has acopy function that works
> well with vim,Vim has it's own internal copping  system if you
> want to copy internally, If you would like to copy using the x
> clip board gvim might be better, (this is not a problem I care
> about much).

Depending on your build of vim, one of the registers to which you 
can yank is the system (X) clipboard just like in gvim.  If you 
scan the output of


you should see "+clipboard" instead of "-clipboard" and perhaps 
"+xterm_clipboard" as well.  Or you can isolate the answer with

   :echo has("clipboard")
   :echo has("xterm_clipboard")

both of which should display "1" instead of "0" if your 
(non-g)vim was built with clipboard support.

You can use "*" as the selection clipboard, and "+" as the 
copy-buffer clipboard.  So to yank the current line to the copy 
buffer in X, you'd use


("double-quote, +, why, why")

You can read about them in the help at

   :help x11-selection
   :help quoteplus
   :help quotestar

Hope this helps,


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