linux faq tutorial?

Josh jkenn337 at
Fri Jan 22 13:30:19 UTC 2010

If you are usng an older machine with 128mb of ram or less then you can try knoppix adriane, or try installing the LXDE desktop with the latest orca and latest at-si. lxde works very good and is written in gtk+ like gnome is. 

Josh Kennedy jkenn337 at
my blog is at (updated frequently). Tired of Microsoft Windows and paying thousands for screen-readers? try out NVDA, get a mac--, nvda--for Windows, or try out and switch to grml, Ubuntu, Vinux, or knoppix-adriane Linux desktops. Knoppix ubuntu and vinux-cli-max are the most accessible for beginners. also try vinux-gui and encourage those at to use windows-xp and nvda knoppix-adriane Vinux-cli-max or grml so all blind people can have an accessible computer.
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