ramblin rec

Brian Tew btew at nyx.net
Sun Jan 24 18:06:01 UTC 2010

Hello list,
I am still trying to record using the mic.
Haven't got there yet, but I am building character and learning stuff.

Right now my pc is a glorified amplifier. I can hear the mic
thru my earphones, and cannot get it to stop.
I turn down the volume with aumix to avoid feedback.
I can play wavs and mp3s just fine, but cannot record.

I type:  rec -d foo.wav
-d means use the default input device, which should be the mic.
linux replies: snd_pcm_open error: device or resource is busy

Something is forcing a connection from mic to pcm to earphones.
How can I find out what is doing that?

After I reboot it's the same situation.

I have sox and alsa-base on here.
Running ubuntu kernel 2.6.

I surely would appreciate any suggestions.

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