Linux GUI FAQ/tutorial?

Octavian Rasnita orasnita at
Tue Jan 26 14:24:55 UTC 2010

From: "Daniel Dalton" <d.dalton at>
On Thu, Jan 21, 2010 at 08:32:21AM +0200, Octavian Râsnita wrote:
> Well, I have tried Emacspeak in the past but I didn't find it nice
> enough. I don't like to need remembering anything, and I like to
> find all the features the editor offers in menus or in other ways,
> but not in help files.

> ...Are you sure the command line is for you then?

Of course it isn't. I already use Linux in command line mode in an SSH 
console from Windows, but I am researching to find if I can stop using 
Windows as a main OS and start using Linux as a desktop with a GUI if there 
are enough accessible programs for it.

I think I will wait some more time to see if Linux will become better 
accessible, because I don't need too many things, but those few things I 
need I want to be at least as accessible as under Windows if not better.


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