Getting the Correct Terminal Behavior

Martin McCormick martin at
Thu Jan 28 17:09:12 UTC 2010

Samuel Thibault writes:
> Set the TERM environment variable to e.g. vt100 instead of linux.

	This turned out to be a little more involved but I sort
of solved the problem. The TERM environment variable that works
best for the FreeBSD sysinstall program and, I am sure, several
others is a terminal type called cons25. If you run that,
sysinstall works much better although not perfectly, you can
sure use it.

	It almost works as one's default terminal type except
that it has trouble with programs that are more centered toward
the vt100 world. Vi, for example, works fine using either linux
or vt100 and the environment value  for $TERM but under cons25,
one suddenly discovers that the J command to joine two lines
together doesn't appear to work right. It actually does the
joine operation in the file, but what you get on the screen
looks as if it joined to the line below where your cursor is. It
also becomes apparent later that stuff that was supposed to be
erased isn't always being erased so you get a really messed-up
screen and can't tell what is right.

	So, I just need to set cons25 as the environment
variable to use freeBSD's sysinstall and set vt100 or linux as
the default terminal for everything else.

Martin McCormick

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