How do blind people play games?

Rob Harris robh at
Thu Jul 1 07:39:25 UTC 2010

I thought this was a dumb sightling question to start with; but it seems
serious.  Games?  I used to write my own in Turbo-Basic back in the DOS
days, now I do some in PHP and are free to use online here - or

Most tend towards the interlectual or brain work, but I still have slot
machine, which is as mindless as it sounds.  But I first wrote that,
called it dice bandit then as the range  was only 1-6, but it was a 3 reel
slot machine in essence, so slot machine still is.  But Sudoku, hangman or
something like it;  marbles is pretty amusing, Cabby is challenging  to
drive around and show a profit;   based on the London Cabby's Knowledge
they have to do to become a cabby at all.  And so on.  Workable online php
scripts are as good a means of doing it as any, saving the installation of
things.  So give those a whirl and users can comment what they reckon to

RobH at Work.

> Hi.
> I will be giving a talk at Libre Software Meeting 2010 in Bordeaux about
> the above mentioned topic.  I do know some things but I am actually
> no hardcore gamer type of guy.  So I was thinking that it would be very
> interesting to hear about your personal experiences so that I can avoid
> forgetting about really cool things.  I should probably explain that
> this talk is in the context of a free software conference, but I am not
> really limiting myself to free and open source games only.  This is not
> to promote non-free software, rather the contrary, I'd like to inspire
> people to maybe start working on free clones of the already existing
> ideas.
> So, if you are blind or visually impaired and you have played any kind
> of computer games in the past, please let me know about it.
> Was the game especially designed for your disability, or did you use any
> tricks to make it playable?  If so, what tricks did you use?
> Or do you perhaps know of any (alive) open source project
> which is somehow related to gaming for the blind?
> Let me know about it.  And please reply fast, I am in the middle of
> preparing the actual slides, so the earlier I get your story the more
> likely I will be able to weave it in properly.
> Thanks.
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