How do blind people play games?

Mario Lang mlang at
Thu Jul 1 07:45:34 UTC 2010

Rudy Vener <salt at> writes:

> Once upon a time I disovered a site which let me download and run many of the old
> Scott Adams adventure games which I used to get for my old Apple //c :-)

You are probably refering to the Interactive
Fiction Archive.

> Once I blew the dust off of them, they ran on my Linux system just fine and I
> had a blast from the past.
> I had to download and install a special interpreter to run the games.

Yes, there are several interpreters for infocom/inform games
and the various other variants of the same idea.  Debian actually has 5
different Infocom interpreters in the package list :-).  Another
keyword out of this category is TADS, the Text Adventure Development

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