How do blind people play games?

Rudy Vener salt at
Mon Jul 5 16:00:28 UTC 2010

Someone mentioned frotz and I installed a copy and also the Zork 
game file from the infocom site.

It does work exactly like  I remembered back in the 80's except that now
I am using only my vocal eyes inteface. 

I could not find  Scott Adams games for frotz, but  I did
locate the ScottFree interpreter and game files on the 
Interactive Fiction Archive site at:

Just look for scottaddams and  its sub directories.
The ScottFree package  compiles to an executable called ScottCurses and
the games unzip to adv01.dat  through adv17.dat.

Needless to say if you put ScottCurses somewhere in your $PATH 
you can  create a script named adventureland which contains:

ScottCurses /pat_to_game_files/adv01.dat

and away you go.

I run it under screens and refresh the screen by the simple 
expedient of flipping to and from  the game screen and a blank one.
This works very well with my talking terminal.
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