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Jude DaShiell jdashiel at
Tue Jul 6 15:15:55 UTC 2010

Well, that depends on your flavor of Linux.  Debian has several, and 
slackware 13.0 and beyond have snownews installed.  It should be possible 
to write a mime entry to have snownews fired up whenever an rss link gets 
read by the browser, but then you'll be reading contents of rss links 
using lynx snownews default browser afterwards.On Thu, 10 Jun 2010, Tim 
Chase wrote:

>>  Is there a command line utility that will handle RSS links?
> In addition to Jos's suggestions, I maintain a list of console-apps that 
> include multiple RSS readers (Jos's suggestions of SnowNews and newsbeuter 
> are on the list with links to their home-pages), there's also Raggle and NRSS 
> for reading RSS feeds from the console (I also include Google Reader if 
> you've got an accessible browser, but you mention using L Y N X which doesn't 
> cut it for using Google Reader, IMHO)
> You can find my list at
> Additionally you might be interested in the "hpodder" pod-catcher (linked 
> from that same page) that allows you to download podcasts via the 
> command-line.
> Hope this helps,
> -tim
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