Announcing BrailleBlaster

John J. Boyer john.boyer at
Thu Jul 8 05:45:33 UTC 2010

Yes, there will be a version for Linux, and it's Open Source. This is an 
announcement of an exciting new software development project that will 
greatly increase the availability and usability of Braille. Since this 
is an open source project, you are invited to participate. We need 
transcribers and technical writers as well as programmers.

BrailleBlaster will be excellent for translating and formatting braille 
and inserting tactile graphics and hence release a blast of braille.

It will be very user-friendly for non-technical users but also powerful 
enough for experts.

Naive users will be able easily to compose simple documents and then 
translate and emboss them in braille or read them on a braille display.

Advanced users will be able to divide books into multiple braille 
volumes, with title pages, tables of contents, and end-notes for each 

The BrailleBlaster project should be completed within less than two 

BrailleBlaster will be fully usable in speech or braille by people who 
are blind.

It will be designed for Windows, MacIntosh, and Linux operating systems 
and common screenreaders

It will have visual display controls that make it maximally accessible 
for users with low vision and other visual disabilities.

It will be localized into most major languages.

BrailleBlaster will be developed under the Apache 2.0 license, which 
permits broad use, including use in commercial software.

BrailleBlaster's sponsors are ViewPlus Technologies, Inc. and 
Abilitiessoft, Inc. They will hold the license copyright.

John J. Boyer; President, Chief Software Developer
Abilitiessoft, Inc.
Madison, Wisconsin USA
Developing software for people with disabilities

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