command line streaming URL scraping tool

Chris Brannon cmbrannon79 at
Wed Jul 21 09:43:04 UTC 2010

Rudy Vener wrote:
> I'm trying to locate a tool which when given a web page with a "Listen Live"
> link, can return the actual URL of  an audio stream which can be handed
> off to mplayer.

The shoutcast-search script may be useful for you.
It locates online streams that are registered with
Here's the link to the homepage:

When I type
shoutcast-search wabc
I get the following:
The URL points to a playlist, and you can pass it to mplayer, like so:
mplayer -playlist

Note that shoutcast-search can (and often does) give multiple results.
E.G., the command "shoutcast-search classical" gives me 308 stations
at the moment.

You can also get verbose output from the tool:

shoutcast-search -v wabc
# Gives me the following output:
Search summary
# Lots of noise snipped from output.
WABC-AM [64kbps audio/mpeg]
	talk, 70 listeners
	Now playing: 

Hope this helps,
-- Chris

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