command line streaming URL scraping tool

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Sun Jun 6 06:24:29 UTC 2010

This would make a good php project,  you can do so much with that and it 
looks like the sort of thing it would do best.  If there is a commonality 
of url form,  it owuld give PHP something to look for;  this requires more 
detail, but don't look too big a challenge to do. One would presume a shell 
account or access to hosting in which you can run php on an Apache server; 
or if it comes to it,  grab a free copy of XAMPP  as a batch-file-drive 
Apache server for Windows.  There's other versions of course, but you hardly 
need it for Linix as  it should be there by default.

Hth RobH.
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Subject: command line streaming URL scraping tool

> I'm trying to locate a tool which when given a web page with a "Listen 
> Live"
> link, can return the actual URL of  an audio stream which can be handed
> off to mplayer.
> My problem as you will doubtless surmise, is finding the actual
> URLs  of audio streams.
> Ideally I'd like a tool which I can use like this:
> $ get_audio_url > url.txt
> or
> $ mplayer `get_audio_url`
> Does anyone know if such a beastie exists?
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