command line streaming URL scraping tool

Labrador labrad0r at
Sun Jun 6 11:50:55 UTC 2010

Hi Rudy:

On Sat, Jun 05, 2010 at 05:52:30PM -0400, Rudy Vener wrote:
> I'm trying to locate a tool which when given a web page with a "Listen Live"
> link, can return the actual URL of  an audio stream which can be handed
> off to mplayer.
> My problem as you will doubtless surmise, is finding the actual 
> URLs  of audio streams.
> Ideally I'd like a tool which I can use like this:
> $ get_audio_url > url.txt
> or
> $ mplayer `get_audio_url`
> Does anyone know if such a beastie exists?

I have myself published a script called whichstation; I made this for BE FR
and NL + some other stations.
The problem I encounter is to get an updated list of updated streaming-urls:
Google is my friend in that case,
and more and more radio stations does use a .php url + a javascript-alike
app that starts a .swf player, which does contain a real m3u or mp3 of asf
or asx location.
I am not sure to be able to continue maintaining my script, but it was
designed to be 
a) blindfriendly
b) and using mplayer on the commandline.

There isn't any url online where to go for having the latest upgraded
streaming urls for all radios in the world;
I totally missed how does shoutcast and icecast sites does maintain those
lists, but I'm not full professionally busy with radio streamings, so can't
do anymore for now.

I propose to send you a package of whichstation at the end of the week, once
I've tried to fix some broken urls in the whichstation.lst;
maybe this can inspire for similar projects, even if ooutside Europe.


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