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Answer #1. No. Ubuntu, at least older versions (see previous post in this
thread for details), does support installation with brtty.

Answer #2. My suggestion is to give Ubuntu a shot. If you run into barriers
or you find things that you just don't like, try Vinux (yes, it's an
off-shoot of Ubuntu). Vinux is designed specifically to address the needs
and concerns of the visually impaired which are not sufficiently met with
the basic Ubuntu installation. The major difference, and why I suggest
trying Ubuntu first, is that Canonical (the company behind Ubuntu) will keep
thing up-to-date a bit faster than the people Vinux project ( THis is no way meant as a slight against
the Vinux project or it's people. It's just simple fact; Canonical releases
updates before Vinux. There is also a much larger community with Ubuntu.
Though much of the generic Ubuntu-ish questions that you might have with
Vinux should still be handled quite well in the Ubuntu forums. Ultimately
the choice is going to be based on what *you* like the most in *your*
operating system.

Karl Wilbur
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On Sun, Jun 6, 2010 at 5:03 PM, Leslie Fairall <fairall at>wrote:

> Ok, a few more questions:
> 1. Does Ubuntu require sighted help to install or is there a way to install
> it with Brltty?
> 2. Should I go with Ubuntu or explore Vinux, which I believe is an
> off-shoot of Ubuntu?
> Thanks for any advice.
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