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Hart Larry chime at
Thu Jun 10 19:47:31 UTC 2010

Well Martin-and-All, similar to these .rss pages, some are in .xml which more 
often will list actual urls for audio/video.  In many cases you would see, 
"enclosure url=http://
Several years ago when these waves of pages became the norm, I tried looking 
for programs or scripts, xml2html   but never came up with anything helpful.
As for SnowNews, I sure would like to know how to get a complete story?  Also, 
even though l y n x is defined, highlighting never works.
More comments on .rss, if you are viewing you can hit d to download an xml 
which as I say may help more.
Also, I had 1 case where I bookmarked a feedburner podcast site.  When I would 
first go there, it would be in raw rss format, but when I would try-and-view 
the source-code, and jump back to normal view, the page would then showup with 
regular links.  Who knows, maybe that will be a clue to accessing these with L 
Y N X, but I've tried this in many other cases-and-no luck.
Thanks in advance

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