Getting Started with Ubuntu on windows 7

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On Fri, Jun 25, 2010 at 11:11 AM, John J. Boyer
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> I ran the wubi installer. It seemed to finish successfully. What is the
> next step to getting Ubuntu running as another Windows application?

Wubi won't allow you to run Ubuntu and Windows concurrently. To run
Ubuntu as a guest on Windows (concurrent), you will need to install a
virtual machine program and then install Ubuntu (not Wubi) to the
virtual machine.

Popular free virtual machine programs include Virtual Box, VMWare
Player, and Bochs.  I use Virtual Box on one of my machines to run
Ubuntu atop Windows. It works quite well.

If you are running more than a single physical hard drive it is good
to install the virtual machine and its virtual drive(s) on a hard
drive other than the boot drive; that dramatically reduces the amount
of drive read/write head thrashing otherwise needed to support two
operating environments concurrently; your drives should live much

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