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Tue Jun 29 00:03:19 UTC 2010

On Mon, Jun 28, 2010 at 3:44 PM, Jon <j.orcauser at> wrote:

> I often run windows xp 32 bit inside virtualbox, and i dont see any delays
> at all, but i usually give 1 GB of ram to virtualbox machines.

Yes, 32-bit XP isn't so slow on my fast machine. But I've given 64-bit
Win7 1.6 GB of RAM and it still crawls. A developer I work with
recently acquired a brand new super-fast machine for his build farm
and stuffed it with 8 GB fast RAM and virtual 64-bit Win 7 running on
VMWare still crawled when given 7 GB RAM.

Now we could both have goofed up our set-ups, but neither of us were
happy campers.

However, it should be understood that at least with Virtual Box, the
RAM allocated to the virtual machine is only a minimum value. The
virtual machine will still use more memory if it isn't in use by the
host system.

Virtual machines will never be as fast as running on bare metal. I
suspect the difference just isn't as noticeable when running Ubuntu on
a virtual machine because the Linux kernel isn't nearly as greedy for
system resources as the Win7 64-bit kernel.

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