what do I need?

Rudy Vener salt at panix.com
Thu Mar 4 14:51:47 UTC 2010

I use the following method in Linux:
1. download the file to :
cd /home/rudy/book1
unzip book1.zip
rm book1.zip

At this pount you now have a subdirectory containg all your unzipped files and the
original book1.zip file has been removed.

Now plug in your sound cartridge to your Linux USB port using 
a USB extender cable, and mount the
sound cartridge  onto your file system. 

I wrote the following script for my Linux machine:
x=`fdisk -l | grep "/dev/sd.1" | sed -e "s/ .*//"`
[ "$x" = "" ] && x=/dev/sda1
mount -t vfat $x /mnt/flash

Explanation: The fdisk -l helps me find the 
usb because it is the only scsi type drive in my system.  I discovered 
that the system mounts a different scsi drive every time I  plug it in 
and this was just the simplest way for me to discover it without
modifying my  /etc/fstab. Your solution may differ :-)

Once you have mounted your sound cartridge as /mnt/flash:

cd /mnt/flash
mkdir book1
cd book1
cp /home/rudy/book1/* .

At this point you have copied  all your unzipped sound files into 
a subdirectory on your  sound cartridge. 

Now plug the sound cartridge into your digital player and 
turn it on. The DP will find it.

Note that you can load a lot of books at one time.  My 1 gig 
sound cartrige holds up to 7 or 8 books  depending on size.

I typically use very short file names for the
directory or zip file names. e.g.  Nelson Demille's 
The Gold Coast will end up as gold.zip 
and be in /mnt/flash/gold

Have fun.

On Thu, Mar 04, 2010 at 01:23:38AM -0700, Brian Tew wrote:
> Ok I got a digital player from the library.
> I can download books from bard noproblem.
> What do I need to get the files from the computer to the player using linux?
> Do I need any special software for that?
> t i a.
> --Brian Tew
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