Number of lines on the screen

Lee Maschmeyer lee_maschmeyer at
Wed Mar 24 17:14:37 UTC 2010

ARGH! 25x80 is fossil age! Forge ahead into the 1990s!

But if you're really dumb--I'm sorry--enamored enough to use such an 
obsolete format (please don't take offence; I'm just feeling jocular) you 
should be able to do something like:

stty rows 25 columns 80

stty has been losing its potency in recent years. The last time I tried, it 
wouldn't make the screen bigger anymore but it would make it smaller.

This is pretty elementary though so it's a good bet you've already done this 
and it doesn't work. But just in case...

OK, maybe you're low vision and need the larger character size to see it. 
Please pardon my chauvinism; I'm a total and use brltty. :-)

Lee Maschmeyer
Wayne State University Computing Center
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