Moving Only Sub-Directories?

marbux marbux at
Wed May 5 05:49:11 UTC 2010

If I'm understanding correctly, you have in a single directory a bunch
of sub-directories you want to move and a bunch of individual files
you want to leave, yes?

If so, the Midnight Commander file manager would do the job in a
GUI-fied way. It's a dual-pane point-and-shoot file manager of the
Norton Commander style. Very compact, uses machine fonts.

Open the directory you want to move the folders to in one pane. In the
other pane open the directory that contains the subdirectories and
files you want to move. Select the folders you want to transfer, then
hit the RenMov option at the bottom of the app's window.

Should be joy.

If you'd like a fatter file manager that can perform the same task,
Krusader is also a good tool. But when installed, it brings along a
bunch of Qt and KDE libraries, so i much more bloated.

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