Ripping Directly to mp3

Hart Larry chime at
Sat May 8 14:23:08 UTC 2010

OK, several weeks ago when I began this question, 1 lister asked for any 
updates.  Well, a gentleman from our LUG in Southern Cal wrote me a script, 
which is working quite well to accomplish this.
Dallas  Legan, who seems to have a passion for writing scripts dealing with 
Lynx, Youtube, ETC, was nice enough to write this just in time for me to record 
streams of British Election coverage.
1 important item I notice among several tries, the feed stops recording 
anywhere from 3hours18minutes to 3hours22 minutes, around 116mb.
You can enjoy his work by doing a simple google search under dallas legan, 
first 3 links are quite representative.  Here is a transcript
Begin strm2mp3

YOURFIFO="/tmp/${RANDOM}.fifo"  ;
while    [ -e "${YOURFIFO}" ]
   YOURFIFO="/tmp/${RANDOM}.fifo"  ;
done  ;

mkfifo "${YOURFIFO}"  ;

#  ( lame --quiet  -q 2 -V 4 "${YOURFIFO}" "${2}" ; rm -f  "${YOURFIFO}" )  &

( sox -q  -t wav  "${YOURFIFO}"   -t wavpcm  -s -  | \
    lame --quiet  -q 2 -V 4 - "${2}" ; rm -f  "${YOURFIFO}" )  &

mplayer -nocache  -ao pcm:fast:file="${YOURFIFO}" -vc null -vo null  "${1}"  ;
End of his script.
I will share any comments or suggestions with him, or you can certainly contact 
through his web-sites-and-project pages
Thanks for listening

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