Vinux startup.

Anders Holmberg anders at
Tue May 25 22:10:36 UTC 2010

Hi Jacki!
I know my computer boots from cd first.
However i will try to press  spacebar to see what happens.

Jackie McBride skrev 2010-05-25 22:28:
> Anders:
> Do u have a "press any key to boot from cd" message? U wouldn't know
> that, of course. Just after the computer beeps, press spacebar every
> second or so&  see if that does anything.
> Also, u need to make certin your bios is configured to boot from cd
> first, e.g., b4 the hard drive, else you'll get nothing. That will
> likely require some sighted assistance unless u have a parallel port
> braille embosser or knfb reader or the like.
> HTH.
> On 5/25/10, Anders Holmberg<anders at>  wrote:
>> Hello!
>> I have burned a dvd  now which i am trying to boot from.
>> It seems it boots but i do not get any speech output or braille.
>> I hear that it reads from the cd then the cd spins for a minute or so
>> then it reads a bit.
>> THen it spins down but nothing hapens.
>> Any help here is appreciated.
>> /A
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