Tony Baechler tony at
Thu May 27 10:48:45 UTC 2010

I'm sure this has been answered already, but my method is probably not 
the usual one, so I thought I would post here. Usually, I just use 
MPlayer. It can handle locally downloaded files or web streams. I think 
it can handle rtsp also, I'm not sure about pnm. However, most of the 
time I would rather transcode to mp3 and listen on my VR Stream. To do 
that, I use a command line similar to this:

ffmpeg -i sametime100523.mp3

In a few minutes, you'll end up with an mp3 file, suitable for any 
portable player. Note that you'll need the ffmpeg package. If using 
Debian, make sure to get it from as 
the plain vanilla Debian packages don't support Real due to the 
proprietary nature of the protocol. Hopefully this is helpful.

On 5/24/2010 2:45 AM, Brian Tew wrote:
> How do yall play real media nowadays?
> I have mplayer and vlc.

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