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If you have an Icon/Braille Plus you can use the console application,
and use ssh to SSH into your system.
ssh user at
Unlike PuTTY on the PAC Mate OMNI, the output is actually readable,
but for long-term sessions the PAC Mate might be a better option (full
keyboard, etc). The Braille Plus I have is a bit slow to use in the
console and the speakup commands it uses are strange because it's all
in the phone keypad.


On 9/6/10, John J. Boyer <john.boyer at> wrote:
> You can use telnet and ssh to log into a real Linus box and do whatever
> you can do with ssh. That is what I am doing. I don't use any of the
> apps on the Elba except telnet and ssh. It is great for such use. I
> don't think any Windows program could beat it. The Mac, however, has ssh
> built in and should be good.
> John
> On Mon, Sep 06, 2010 at 08:42:44PM -0400, Leslie Fairall wrote:
>> Yes, I have an Elba as well. However, it seems to be very limiting. I want
>> to be able to play music and stuff like that on websites. Also, lynx
>> doesn't support Javascript, which seems to be prevalent on most websites
>> these days. I do like the machine though.
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