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Wed Sep 8 03:26:16 UTC 2010

On Tue, Sep 07, 2010 at 22:19:17PM -0400, Leslie Fairall wrote:
> Yes, I want access to while I'm traveling so that I check 

So it's shellworld's server, not yours.  OK.

> email on the road. I've broached the subject of installing CGI telnet with 

CGI programs are naturally a possible security exposure for the server.  It's
understandable that the server owner may decline to install such things.  OK.

> the administrator. I don't think he understands why you just can't type 
> telnet:// in the address bar of your browser. (I don't 
> either, I just know it won't work on the Pac Mate). The Pac Mate runs 

When you instruct your web browser to use a URL starting with "telnet://",
you're merely telling it to pass control to a telnet client that's already
installed and ready-to-run on your computer (where you and your web browser	
are, not where the destination server is).  Of course, if you don't already
have one installed, nothing happens.  Also, since the telnet client is
a completely separate program, there's no added utility to run it from a
web browser anyway (as opposed to just running it as a separate program).

> under Windows Mobile 6. It has a Braille keyboard and Braille display 
> attached. Hope this helps.

It seems to me that your best bet would be pocketputty (free), as has already
been suggested.  A google search of "windows mobile telnet client" brings
up a few more suggestions, including some cheap-ish products at
Is there a reason why pocketputty does not work in your situation?

Finally, shellworld appears to support both POP3 and IMAP e-mail access.
What e-mail client do you prefer to use when logged in to shellworld?
There may be a Windows Mobile POP3 or IMAP e-mail client that would
suit you just as well.

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