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Just a side note... There is a fairly active Pac Mate users list and web 
site. The web site is at

The address for the email list is pmlist at But I'm not sure 
how to subscribe. Try sending to pmlist-subscribe at There are 
a lot of very knowledgable users on that list.

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> Yes, I want access to while I'm traveling so that I check 
> email on the road. I've broached the subject of installing CGI telnet with 
> the administrator. I don't think he understands why you just can't type 
> telnet:// in the address bar of your browser. (I don't 
> either, I just know it won't work on the Pac Mate). The Pac Mate runs 
> under Windows Mobile 6. It has a Braille keyboard and Braille display 
> attached. Hope this helps.
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