Notetakers and another question

Leslie Fairall fairall at
Thu Sep 9 22:28:12 UTC 2010

Hi John:

You may be right. I am considering breaking down and buying a netbook with 
a 20-cell Braille display like Easylink or something like that. I just 
bought a KNFB reader so I haven't made any more purchases yet. I have 
resisted buying a laptop just because I want Braille but don't necessarily 
want to have to carry two pieces of equipment. However, I may have to 
change my tune since many notetakers aren't able to do everything I want 
to be able to do on the road.

I've got an extra computer in one of my bedrooms that I would like to turn 
into a Linux box, but I only have one Braille display for my main PC 
running Vista. Do you suggest putting speakup or Brltty on the machine 
itself or can I just use SSH to access it? Thanks again for answering my 
ignorant questions.

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