Installing vinux.

Alex H. linuxx64.bashsh at
Thu Sep 16 03:29:22 UTC 2010


You can install Vinux on the same drive but just partition it first
and choose that partition when installing Vinux. If you're more
comfortable using an external drive then you can do that as well. You
can even install it to a USB stick and not worry at all about messing
up the XP drive.


On 9/13/10, Anders Holmberg <anders at> wrote:
>   Hello!
> I do want to install vinux on my computer.
> However i have a xp partition which i don't want to be overwritten.
> Is it something i should think of when installing vinux?
> For example, is it better to use an external hard drive for vinux
> Thanks in advance.
> /A

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