News Group Issues within Pine?

Hart Larry chime at
Sun Sep 19 16:38:45 UTC 2010

Well, since at least 1997 I am still grabbing binaries from Pine, but now I 
must pipe raw messages through uudeview -    because of the yenc encoding.
Anyway, here on Shellworld, since we don't have news, I grab via nntp from 
Giganews.  All seems to go well until either I change news-groups during the 
same Pine session, or mysteriously while I am grabbing binaries.  All of a 
sudden, I see an error message, "no state found for news group 
alt.binaries.remixes.mp3, reading as new"  Once that happens, all the rest of 
my .newsrc file is hidden away, and I only at most have that 1 group active.
Now that Giganews is up to 700 days binary retention, many binary groups are 
way too large for Pine to read, or even after you open a larger group, 
sometimes, says, "problem detected, abort trap, trying to save debug"
On Shellworld I can still work on groups through trn  but on my local machine 
trn will not compile in FC9
Sure replacing an older .newsrc file temporarily restores these groups, but 
obviously I need to read or catchup.  However, this no state found problem is 
becoming worse.  Can some1 please suggest why this is happening or a fix.
I've tried setting an nntp range in Pine, but 30thousand is as high as it will 
go, but you only see the last 30000 postings.
Thanks so much in advance

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