question of current linux distributions for the blind

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Sun Sep 26 00:32:54 UTC 2010

I had started downloaded vinux.


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In that case you might try: The iso is a 
live disk, and you put it in the dvd holder and boot the computer 
preferably with sighted assistance present for the first time.  Either 
they or the sound card will be able to tell you if you've succeeded or 
not.  A podcast on archlinux by Jeff Whapples is available for download 
and you'll need to take some notes from it before doing the installation. 
A few additional things need doing for an accessible install like editing 
of certain files and the like.On Tue, 21 Sep 2010, Brian Olesen wrote:

> Dear list,
> I have finally decided to try a distribution especially aimed at our
> of the population. Earlier I have been using my old server remotely via
> telnet and so on, but now I'd like the freedom to be able to work on the
> server on site. My only experiences are with Fedora.
> I want to ask you to include the following considerations, when deciding
> what distribution you would recommend.
> 1. I'd like speech during the installation from the build in on borad
> device, if possible. I guess it's some sort of a realtech cmedia chip or
> alike.
> 2. the main purpose of this installation will be a web server.
> 3. It must be a relative simple to maintain, update, and manage system.
> Best regards
> Brian
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