question of current linux distributions for the blind

Karen Lewellen klewellen at
Sun Sep 26 15:01:27 UTC 2010

Thanks Chris, will be worth a bit of playing.
its an imac, but a g3 which I did not think existed, as it was running a 
later mac os when I got it.
will do some digging and tap if needful.

On Sun, 26 Sep 2010, Christopher Brannon wrote:

> Karen Lewellen <klewellen at> writes:
>>  while I have our ear,  are there Linux images for the imac  if not
>> for the power line?
> Just grab the existing images and try them.  I don't know much about the
> imac.  E.G., does it have a 32-bit processor or a 64-bit processor?  The
> image you need depends on the answer to that question.
> If I can be of further assistance, just let me know.
> -- Chris

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