Strange, strange problem with google, lynx and brltty on one linux machine

Cheryl Homiak cahomiak at
Tue Apr 12 13:32:34 UTC 2011

This is getting stranger. I decided to try the google site in lynx as root which of course I wouldn't ordinarily do. Since I don't have the configuration modified for root, it asked me a couple of questions about accepting cookies; after I answered these, the website loaded and the console or data flow for brltty or whatever is frezing for me as a normal user didn't freeze. But it's still exhibiting the same strange behavior in any console as a normal user; I'm thinking it must be something that's gone temporarily awry in debian unstable but I have no idea what it is. So far, I've not had a problem with this behavior on any website other than google. I did try changing the cookie setting for a normal user to see what would happen; I was ble to answer the cookie questions but then I got the same frozen effect. but come to think of it, it can't be the console that's freezing because I can arrow down past the edit fields at the top and hit q and google and lynx close; so the website is loading and running fine but my braillelite doesn't give me the data. Btw I rooled back brltty with subversion to a revission before I had the problem and that didn't help so I don't think it's a brltty problem at all. Also, ctrl-C will also bring my braille display back to showing what's on the machine and working properly but sometimes I have to do it more than once.

my previous message:
This is a really strane problem. It doesn't appear to be a speakup problem and I can't figure out how it could be a brltty problem, so I'm trying this list.

First of all, I can load google fine using either fink's lynx or macports' lynx on my Mac.
On my linux machine, I can load google fine with elinks.
However, this is what is happening when I try to load google using lynx on my linux machine.
I have brltty running and it shows everything to "always allowing …" or even to "data transfer complete" and then the braillelite, which is on a serial port, seems to freeze there. If I change text consoles and then go back the braille will have updated and I can arrow down with braille showing where I am up to the "sign in" link and then it freezes again. The console itself is functional; I can quit lynx but the braille still doesn't update until I change consoles and change back. But if I quit lynx with ctrl-c, the braille updates immediately to the shell prompt.

However, this is not a problem of the website not loading all the way. If I also have speakup running, it lists the links and I can arrow to them and hit enter on them; once I go to a new page, I have full use of braille again but if I go back to the first google page, I can only arrow down to sign in and then it freezes once again. I've tried a bunch of different websites and it only seems to happen with google. In case I haven't been clear, I am using the text-based console. Does anybody have any idea what could be going on here?


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