Strange, strange problem with google, lynx and brltty on one linux machine

Cheryl Homiak cahomiak at
Thu Apr 14 19:53:35 UTC 2011

I fixed the problem but maybe somebody can explain to me the nature of the problem. Here's what I discovered:

A few days ago I upgraded to grub2/grub-pc in Debian; I had tried it once before and had been locked out of my system; that's when I believe it was constructed a bit differently from now. At any rate, the upgrade was successful but on my old thinkpad t23 I could no longer pass vga=791 to grub to get more on the screen in text consoles. I tried changing fonts in debian's console-setup package, leaving it on "terminus" as it had been but I still only had 25 rows and 80 columns. Then I got what I thought was a bright idea; I switched from "terminus" to "vga" and chose the 8x8 font. This worked much better; I got 50 rows and 80 collumns and I seem to remember I've never been able to get more columns on the T23 so I was quite happy. The only problem I've found with this so far is that something happens with my braille on google and google only. I don't know why there's a problem there. So now I can decide which I want more on my linux machine: google access with braille or 50 rows instead of 25 rows. Since I can access google fine on my Mac, both in safari and terminal, and even on my Windows machine if necessary, I'm leaning toward keeping the 50 rows on the screen.


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